Price in this listing was for a VINTAGE Sectional 3-seater cane sofa with black and white palm frond cotton fabric. (The vendor’s photos have since been removed from the listing.) THIS SUITE SOLD in Feb. 2020 UNDER CONSIGNMENT from our client’s home in STANWELL PARK, near SYDNEY. (Regularly click into our NEWLY LISTED Category so you don’t miss any of our new finds!) This listing has also been uploaded for research purposes and for people to express interest in buying OR SELLING a similar item through iNVISeDGE. Click on the links below to express your interest.


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This full VINTAGE suite (the sectional 3-seater cane sofa AND matching pair of armchairs) with BLACK & WHITE palm frond cotton fabric SOLD in Feb. 2020 for $3100- the vendor’s photos showing the suite that sold from this listing have been removed. (The matching PAIR of CHAIRS were priced SEPARATELY.) THE SUITE SOLD UNDER CONSIGNMENT FROM MY CLIENT’S HOME IN STANWELL PARK, near SYDNEY. 

NOTE- the first 10 photos are display photos of a suite we SOLD within days of being listed on this website in 2018. The suite that SOLD for $3100 in Feb. 2020 in this listing had used black & white fabric covers.

Background Info and Provenance

This listing is for the 1960’s 3-sectional sofa only but we also have a matching pair of chairs in a separate listing (in our NEWLY LISTED Category). This VINTAGE Pretzel lounge sofa in the Paul Frankl style is an incredibly versatile item. It can be used as a 3-seater sofa or a 2-seater sofa with an extra easy chair. These 5-strand versions are heavy and very durable- the weight means they also stay together whilst in use. (This is not flimsy like some cane furniture.) This sofa would suit many spaces and if you move house, because it’s sectional, it’s very easy to relocate plus in a different configuration it would suit an entirely different space and lay-out. This gives the suite additional investment appeal- the versatility in the 3-sectional design means it will appeal to a wider cross-section of the market so will sell easier (if you ever have to sell it)… and the design is so stunning … who would not do a double-take at this while they’re trawling online for furniture!

For more information about this vintage Pretzel design and the benefits of investing in this suite visit our matching listing for the pair of chairs- invisedge.com.au/product/pair-frankl-style-armchairs/

This 3-sectional sofa is vintage and overall in excellent condition for its age. The cane frames are brilliant- sturdy, strong and basically impossible to damage. All the joints are solid and strong with NO repairs or breakage. Cosmetically the frames present very well for something of this age- they have minor signs of age and use but nothing that's noticed. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THIS LISTING IS FOR THE SUITE WITH THE BLACK & WHITE PALM FROND COTTON FABRIC. The covers are quite new- about 3 years old. They have minor signs of use. One of the covers has minor fading but you'd probably be able to flip it over anyway (I'd have to check this with the seller). The covers make the suite really practical. They can be unzipped and machine-washed on the gentle cycle to keep them clean and fresh. (Replace the covers to the cushions whilst still damp to prevent shrinkage.) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE CUSHIONS WERE NOT REPLACED 3 YEARS AGO AS THE SELLER FIRST THOUGHT. Three years ago, the upholsterer improved the original cushions by adding a soft layer of cushioning to the top of the existing cushions. The cushions are the ORIGINAL sprung cushions from the 1960’s. Sprung cushions are the most expensive cushions to produce and rarely made anymore. They provide firm support- they are not really squishy- so you do not keep sinking down in them. I’d say the seat cushions will do the job perfectly. Some customers get the back cushions replaced with feather-down cushions for luxurious, soft comfort. DEPENDING ON HOW AND WHERE THE SUITE IS TO BE USED I’d probably leave all the cushions as they are for the pair of armchairs so you have proper sitting chairs for those and then get the sectional sofa done with feather-down back cushions (and possibly add even more softness to the seat cushions as well). This would change the sofa to be a “sloth-around” lie-all-over piece. It obviously depends on your needs / where it’s going to be used. Investing money in this suite is not throwing money away at all. If it will add to the value of your lifestyle, it will obviously add to the value of the suite as well. Carefully consider what you want for THE LONG-TERM to ensure you’re investing your money in the smartest possible way. These vintage suites do NOT compare to the new replicas at all- these 5-strand vintage suites have been perennially sought-after and always will be. New ones will lose their value by hundreds of dollars (if not thousands) the second you walk them out of the shop! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There is discolouration to the cane underneath the cushions. This obviously doesn't affect the sofa at all and is only noticed after you take the cushions off and peer around the inner section of the sofa. I believe this happened as a result of the manufacturing process because the bamboo has to be heated to high temperatures to bend it into these cool shapes. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements. One-armed pieces- 67cm across. Middle piece with no arms- 54cm across. So total when assembled-189cm. It’s a comfortable 3-seater size. Depth- 81cm. Armrest height- 58cm. Total height- 83cm. FOR FREIGHT- 1.89x0.81x0.73 = 1.15 cubic metres. PAIR SINGLE SEATERS THAT ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS LISTING PRICE. Pair Single Seaters across- 79cm.
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