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Provenance and Background Info

(Listing price is for the armchairs only. This set of 6 armchairs sold in 2015 for $1950 within 2 weeks of being listed online.)

A set of SIX sculptural dining armchairs which I’m pretty certain are European- most likely Swedish or Danish. These are a very rare design- I don’t think I’ve seen any others exactly the same in the 14 years I’ve been in this business. I’d say these are mid-1950’s- they’re certainly vintage anyway. There is more “wow-factor” than most 60’s designs where refined elegance took over. They are not over the top though and would nestle in well in most homes. I love similar designs done in Australia at the same time such as the Fler SC55 dining chair by Fred Lowen- the advantage of this set however is the durability of the design. Similar designs break easily which is why you’ll never find them as a set of 6. These have screws in the armrest section and the legs (this is how they were made)- this strengthens the structure- it keeps the boomerang section strong and means the chairs can handle a lot more stress than the counterparts out there. The screws don’t look as good in the armrest (but you can get caps from the hardware to cover them if you’re fussed by this)- these screws are essential for the strength of the chair and they’re also a lot more practical. Screws can be tightened- if the maker used dowels within the armrest under the fabric you’d have to pull the whole chair apart to tighten this joint area. The upkeep with these is easy. These chairs not only look amazing but they have an intelligent, practical design that will last the long haul (and already have).
And to top it off these chairs are comfortable! The curved backrest and the armrests are great for comfort as is the cushioned seat and back. And the other thing these have going for them is investment appeal- where will you find another set of these? These are 1950’s- sets of six in similar designs are basically impossible to find- I’ve never seen a set of 6 in this design ever. Parker spade-back chairs from the 1960’s are now fetching $3900 for six in vintage shops in Melbourne but this set is in a different league.
Many modern dining chairs end up as landfill within years but when sets of chairs look like this after years of use, buyers have full confidence in the quality they’re buying- it’s quite simple, these were built to last and their condition after 60-odd years proves it. There are very few better ways to invest in your home and reduce landfill. If you decide to invest in these and need to sell years later, approach me- I’d be happy to see them again.
The matching table (also European) is NOT included but available for separate sale. The chairs would look great around many other tables (particularly if set up in a 3 X 3 configuration) so I decided to split the suite up.

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