This suite SOLD in 2012! The listing price is for the TABLE ONLY. (Chairs priced separately.) This listing has been uploaded for people wishing to express interest in buying or selling a similar item through iNVISeDGE and for research purposes. Click on the links below to express your interest.


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Background Info and Provenance

(Written in 2012. Some of this information is time-sensitive and may change slightly over time.)

A rare 1950’s Snelling dining table produced by TH Brown & Sons of Adelaide. This table is identical to the Snelling design but it has a TH Brown stamp underneath. TH Brown may have produced this table under license because they were based in Adelaide and other Snelling pieces were manufactured in Sydney. I don’t know- it’s the only Snelling-design TH Brown table I’ve seen. TH Brown is an iconic name in Australian furniture building their reputation with furniture of outstanding quality. Their work was so esteemed that by the 1960’s they had won several contracts to produce Danish designs in Australia including the famous Moller dining chair.

Snelling webbed chairs are hard enough to come by but Snelling tables are basically impossible to find. In the last ten years, I’ve come across four Snelling dining tables. They fetch big $ simply because of the rarity. These tables are well constructed and the design whilst simple, is incredibly effective and versatile. It has a light airy presence with a geometric slant. The angle of the legs is what really makes the piece.

This is a rare investment with timeless appeal. I’ve seen these sell in mid-century design shops in Sydney for $1400. This table comes with a piece of vitrolite (black glass). It is my understanding that vitrolite was made in Germany back in the 1940’s through to the early 1960’s. Its production ceased at this time and I’ve read somewhere that it has never been produced since. The quality of vitrolite is incredible and because vitrolite is vintage the piece of vitrolite alone is worth good money (I’d say more than $300). If you don’t want the vitrolite sell it because it should be worth your while. This table has two TH Brown stamps which vouch for the age of the table (mid to late 1950’s). This listing is for the TABLE ONLY- the pictured chairs are available SEPARATELY.

(I sold this table for $795 in 2012. If I stocked the exact table today I’d price it at at around $995.)

This table has SOLD!!!
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