SOLD for $1350 the PAIR back in 2014!!! But we stock furniture like this whenever we can get it.
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Background Info and Provenance

(This description was written back in 2014. This pair of chairs sold immediately for $1350. I loved seeing them again when putting this website together 4 years later. Such great design and another customer that got a great investment.)

A PAIR of vintage single-seater lounges. These were HAND-BUILT in South Africa in the late 1950’s. They are fascinating pieces of furniture and drew me in immediately. They are a design that is never seen but the leanness of the styling and the sweeping lines pay homage to the Danish creations of mid last century. I bought these chairs from the original owners. These chairs were passed onto one of the children in the family. The man I bought these from (great guy by the way) was in his 40’s and he recalls these being there his whole life. He remembers growing up with them in South Africa, how they came with the family to Melbourne and when they were passed onto him as an adult. This transaction has showed me first-hand how good design is timeless. Trends come and go. By the time his family moved to Australia in the 1980’s fashions had changed considerably however their lounge suite was so loved they shipped it half way across the world. (An expensive exercise in the mid-80’s.) This lounge has lasted the family for 50 years- my guess is they had the money to update their furniture at any time but if you have something you love, what’s the point? We don’t need to subscribe to the throw-away mentality and these lounges symbolise how things can be if we so choose.

This was also interesting because it was as if this guy was losing his right arm. He really didn’t want to be parting with them but he’d just moved into an apartment overlooking the water and the suite was too big for his new space (I bought these with a matching 3.5-seater sofa). This means that the legacy of these chairs will be passed onto a new family. And with the next family it’s likely they could be passed onto their children yet again. You can pay $10 000 a pair for designer armchairs from SPACE Furniture and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you don’t have $10 000 or want a smarter buy- these are a great option. It was difficult to price them- how do you put a value on an investment that has already proven itself to last a lifetime and is ready for another one?

These are extremely well designed and built chairs. They’re also comfortable- they just tick all the boxes! If you were to get something like these custom-made in Australia today the price tag would be $4000+ the pair. Buying vintage furniture that has stood the test of time is one of the best ways to invest in your home and reduce your carbon footprint. If you decide to invest in this pair and need to sell them in the future approach me, I’d be more than happy to see them again.

This suite has sold!
This suite has sold!
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