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The listing price is for ONE SP01 Anita chair in LEATHER but we currently have 4 matching Anita chairs in stock. These came out of an office foyer.

Provenance and Background Information

ONE “Anita” chair Made in Italy by SP01 in what I believe is semi-aniline leather. (I have four matching chairs priced SEPARATELY.) This is such a sophisticated and luxurious piece of design. Matt Lorrain, the Creative Director of SP01 says “that architecture, interiors, furniture and objects all have meaning that is not necessarily understood at a conscious level but felt instinctively when we walk into a room or examine an object.” Whilst researching the Anita chair, that line really stuck with me because it is more about how I feel when I experience this design than the looks. This piece of design has a pleasing, calming feel to it- the seat is all curves- it has a biomorphic essence, much like the undulating rising and falling of the earth- the base has jagged lines and a dynamism to help bring the gentle, comforting feel of the seat more into focus. This chair sits proudly alongside design greats such as the Swan chair by Arne Jacobsen. The Swan chair has a flow and essence that immediately draws you in, this design by SP01 is much the same.

The feeling conveyed by this piece of design extends to how it feels to actually sit in this chair. The curves, angles and contours, cradle you nicely- it has such a sophisticated comfort. This chair is not all padding and softness but holds and cradles you confidently and beautifully. The chair also swivels for added comfort and style.

SP01 is a new furniture brand featuring a collection of beautifully detailed, hand-finished furniture, conceived in Sydney, Australia and made in Italy. The vision was to create a collection inspired by the Australian lifestyle with international appeal- designs that would be as relevant in a New York studio as a London terrace or beachside home in Sydney. The SP01 team met while working in design retail. They’d worked with the world’s leading design brands and saw how the best was created, so they turned to Italy’s leading and most-experienced craftspeople to ensure their collection was of the highest quality. The bases are incredibly strong and durable, fashioned from steel. The legs are full STEEL clad in a plastic coating that mimics timber VERY convincingly. Until I actually looked closer, I thought the base was actually timber! The durability of the base is unparalleled and if these chairs are used with any sense, they will stand up to generations of use and enjoyment.

Looks, comfort, durability and sophistication all get a resounding tick here- the leather is also the epitome of luxury. In my opinion this is semi-aniline leather (SP01 doesn’t tell us what type of leather this is on their website)- it’s softer and feels “less-finished” to other leathers I’ve worked with. Investment appeal also gets a huge tick. These chairs in these specifications retail at SPACE Furniture in Australia for over $4500 PER chair (up to just short of $5000) with an 18 – 20 week lead-time. Two of our chairs present incredibly well and are priced at a fraction of retail. (The other two also present well as shown in our photos. If you have interest in more than two chairs, contact us. The price of each chair varies depending on the condition.)

This is a rare opportunity to own a design classic for a fraction of its real value. The beauty of investing in originals is knowing they will hold their value over time (or increase in value along with inflation), plus you can be assured of the quality and durability you’re getting. There’s no better way to invest in your home and reduce landfill. (NOTE- the listing price is for ONE chair only- in excellent, gently-used condition.)


The 2 chairs photographed close-up are both in gently-used condition (and present extremely well for second-hand chairs). They are not new but don’t have any condition flaws that warrant a mention (as our photos show). The structure is solid and strong with no damage or weakness. The STEEL swivel-base is heavy and SOLID. It’d be very hard to break this base! The upholstery presents extremely and only reflects gentle use. These 2 chairs have NO holes, NO cuts, NO cracks, NO noticeable scratches, NO noticeable wear at all. They are NOT new but present extremely well (particularly for semi-aniline leather). I’m not 100% certain it’s semi-aniline leather but pretty sure it is. Semi-aniline leather needs to be used with some sense as it will suck in liquid spills etc if you are careless. I get the feeling the leather has been treated though because it is holding up extremely well to use. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As shown in our photos, the chair sits on 4 steel points. These steel points are encased in a rounded piece of timber- I’m not really sure why because this piece of timber serves no purpose. It’s obviously decorative to fit in with the curved sophistication of the design. One of these pieces of timber has a significant chip but to be honest I never noticed this until I turned the chairs upside-down to take the underside photos. As our photos show, it's not noticed when the chairs are on display as this is on the inside of the leg. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements.
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