This PAIR of Tessa T21 chairs SOLD from our client’s home in the Gold Coast for $895 PER chair back in 2019 (pre COVID-19). This full suite has SOLD! This listing has also been uploaded for people wishing to express interest in buying or selling a similar item through iNVISeDGE and for research purposes. Use the links below.


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SOLD TO KIM for $2900 (for the FULL suite- 2-seater sled-base sofa, PAIR of swivel lounge chairs and the matching swivel footstool) within 2 weeks of being listed on the iNVISeDGE website back in 2019 (BEFORE COVID-19). IMMACULATE CONDITION! This suite has increased in value SIGNIFICANTLY since Kim purchased this.

Full Retail Price of the full suite NEW from Tessa (now defunct) in fabric- approx AU $13,500.

This suite SOLD under consignment from my client’s home on the GOLD COAST, Queensland. iNVISeDGE handled the full sale on behalf of our client.

This is an AUTHENTIC VINTAGE SUITE FROM THE 1970’s that was completely re-furbished by Tessa in 2001. Our vendor believes a Warwick Fabric was used for re-upholstery. Warwick Fabrics is an Australian fabric-house that has built a formidable reputation for supplying the Australian market with quality upholstery fabrics since the early 1970’s. All Warwick Fabrics carry a quality-guarantee. IMMACULATE CONDITION!

Background Info and Provenance

This is arguably the most sought-after chair to ever come out of Australia. The Contour range by Grant Featherston is probably the most collectable in terms of dollar-value, but this design, the T21 swivel chair, released by Tessa in the early 1970’s is, in my experience, the most asked-for chair. And I understand why so many people want them. The quality just jumps out at you and the comfort … OMG … after sitting in a Tessa T21 chair you’ll instantly understand why so many people say they are the most comfortable chair ever made! The last pair of Tessa T21 chairs I had sold for $3650 in leather within 7 days of being listed on this website. That listing is easily the most popular iNVISeDGE listing ever.

This suite was made in 1970’s- the footstool has an S1 Australian Standards label underneath that was only used in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. This vouches for the age of the suite. When the suite was refurbished, the owners opted for a quality, textured fabric in wheat-tones to tie in with their minimalist space. This suite has had little use since 2001 (it was in the owner’s second lounge room). It has had NO contact with children, pets or cigarette smoke. As a result it’s virtually the same as when it left the Tessa factory after refurbishment 20 years ago. The cost the owners paid to refurbish this suite says a lot about the esteem of what’s on offer here. Times have changed a lot since they bought this suite in the 1970’s (and so too have homes) but if you have the best why get something else? The only reason this suite is being sold is because the father of my vendor has gone into residential care. He is very attached to this lounge suite and is anxious to hear it has found a loving new home.

After a 50-year stint in the Australian Marketplace, making ALL their furniture in AUSTRALIA, Tessa Furniture closed its doors early this year. It’s a sorry state of affairs when an Australian business can no longer do what they do so well because of cheap imports destined to end up as landfill. And this is the very reason why Tessa eventually died. Their designs are so well-made that the second-hand market for Tessa pieces ended up becoming more sought-after than new Tessa Furniture. And who can blame people going straight to the second-hand market for designs such as these? The QUALITY of these chairs is so exceptional that second-hand Tessa chairs often still look basically new after 10, 20, 30, even 40 years of use. In this listing you’re getting a chair that looks close to new but for about one quarter the price of a new one.

These days, I believe the T21 swivel chair- by Tessa, is THE best investment in the furniture marketplace. EVERYONE seems to want T21’s at the moment, they are NO LONGER in production so more people will hang onto theirs for a lifetime of enjoyment- less and less will be coming onto the secondary market. T21 chairs retailed NEW in fabric for about $3300 EACH just before Tessa went under- at my price (about ONE QUARTER retail) it should be obvious to anybody that the only way the value of these chairs can go, is up.

This fabric really suits this design- the neutral tone pares back the boldness of the design and allows the honey-coloured timber armrests take focus.

This pair of chairs is about 50 years old. The frames were so solid  the owners opted to have them refurbished in 2001 rather than buying new. There’s no guessing the quality on offer here. After much of the world’s furniture ends up as landfill, these chairs will be passed onto another user and eventually a whole new generation. Now that Tessa Furniture is no longer made anymore, I can’t see any reason why this design (made in AUSTRALIA) won’t slowly increase to the value they were selling for new (ie. $3300 EACH in fabric). There’s no better way I can think of to invest in your home, the future of our environment and our local community.


Both chairs are in brilliant original condition and have very minimal signs of use- certainly nothing that's noticed or spoil the chairs. Both chairs are heavy and very solidly built- the T21 design is particularly strong and durable. I've never seen anything structurally wrong with a T21 Tessa chair ever- these chairs are no exception. The swivel mechanism on both chairs works perfectly. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is in a quality textile-weave. As is clearly shown in our vendor's photos the fabric on the full suite has no noticeable signs of use. NO holes, NO noticeable wear, NO noticeable marks, NO stains, NO odours. The cushioning is all in excellent condition- Tessa use top-quality cushioning that lasts several generations. The cushioning is plush and comfortable but these chairs are supportive as well. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Overall, the chairs both present extremely well and will last the long-haul. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements. Across- approx 79cm. Depth- approx 79cm. Seat Height- approx 42cm. Total Height- approx 91cm. Depth of seat- approx 47cm. Comfort is absolutely sensational- you'd be very hard-pressed to find a more comfortable chair. Measurements for the 2- seater sofa (WHICH IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS LISTING PRICE). Across- approx 141cm. Depth- approx 79cm. Total height- approx 92cm. Seat height- approx 45cm. Depth of seat- approx 47cm. Read my 1200+ ebay feedback comments (ALL for furniture and decorative arts SALES) to be assured that the lounges are described as accurately as possible and that I will not stock items of inferior quality or with significant cosmetic flaws.
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