This sofa sold in 2005! However we are always endeavouring to stock the T5 design. Get in contact with us if you have interest in buying OR SELLING Tessa T5 furniture. (Or similar.)


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Background Info and Provenance

I sold this Tessa T5 sofa back in 2005. I can no longer find what I sold it for so the price given is an estimate of what this sofa might be worth today. (It’s a 2-seater which affects value as well- 3-seater sofas are worth disproportionately more because more people want them.) It’s also hard to ascertain value of this particular sofa because I had it re-upholstered in black vinyl in 2005. (I was inexperienced in this business back then.) These days I would certainly use leather for this design. The Tessa T5 design is RARE and warrants using leather. These are loose cushions sitting on an extremely well-built frame. Re-upholstery is cheap and easy but top-quality leather is expensive to buy. (I was trying to cut costs back then but the wrong way!) Good quality leather is always better to sit in than vinyl.

These photos have been uploaded to show how black changes the whole look of the design. In a light coloured fabric the design is very Scandinavian in flavour – Swedish-like- in black the Tessa T5 becomes much bolder. The contrast between the timber and cushions makes the whole piece pop and makes it more a feature piece.

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This item is SOLD.
This item is SOLD.
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