The full suite (the table AND 3 stools) SOLD for $650 in August 2020 and was delivered to our buyer in Melbourne. SOLD under consignment from a private seller in Maroubra, Sydney. The listing price included our commission fee. If you have a similar suite you’d like to SELL get in contact with us. Our commission fee is 5% to 18.5% (18.5% for private sellers).


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The full suite (the table AND 3 stools) SOLD for $650 in August 2020 and was delivered to our happy buyer in Melbourne. Today is 2021 I’d price the exact same suite at $740.

This item SOLD under consignment from a private seller in Maroubra, SYDNEY. 

Please note- this listing includes 4 DISPLAY PHOTOS of a previous TH Brown suite we sold through iNVISeDGE. The photos of the suite taken on the front porch of our seller are of the actual item that sold in this listing. The table base is an earlier version done by TH Brown (it still retains the vintage metal plaque). This design was so popular it remained in production over a number of years- in that time the design of the table-base changed several times.

Background Info and Provenance

This is one of the best-designed coffee tables I’ve seen- as a result they’re very highly sought after by collectors and mid-century design enthusiasts. Designed by TH BROWN & SONS of Adelaide in the early 1960’s, this firm were leaders in Australian furniture design with an emphasis on originality, innovation and quality construction. Parker items from this era are highly collectable but TH BROWN pieces even more-so. TH BROWN AND SONS actually won a contract to produce several authentic DANISH designs in Australia but I’m under the impression this particular design is their own. I saw some TH BROWN pieces in a photo of Grant and Mary Featherston’s home (including a fondue suite like this)- if this doesn’t say something about the calibre of their designs, nothing will! This design with the footstools pushed all the way under tailors a smart stylish look, the unusual concept adds a fun element to your space. In a small living space this ensemble would be ideal- the stools are handy to have around for extra seating but when they’re not needed they fit completely under the table making the piece a great space-saver. Boasting high-quality workmanship, I’ve seen these TH Brown suites retail for much more and because of their rarity, their value is only set to increase in years to come. This suite retains the original TH Brown & Sons makers plaque on the table which solidifies the investment appeal.

The above description was written in 2005. The only thing I’d like to add today in 2020 is that these suites are RARE! The footstools came in many colours including brown, that baby-poo mustard-colour and also velvet upholstery. The ones with black vinyl footstools are the most timeless in looks so they’re the most collectable these days. Orange comes a close second- orange is fun so it complements the fun styling of the suite but it also is adaptable to many spaces. Orange has an earthy element so it will work in with many interiors.

The suites in black and orange have only INCREASED in value since they were first made. TH Brown & Sons Furniture is some of the BEST QUALITY ever to be made in Australia. Just look at this suite after almost 60 years of use! To top it off, if this design is highly sought-after 60 years later it always will be. There’s no better way I can think of to invest in your home and reduce landfill.


This suite is in excellent condition with no condition issues that warrant a specific mention. The timber table is solid and sturdy with NO cracks or movement in any joint area. The timber shows minor signs of use and age but nothing that needs to be mentioned. The 3 footstools are all solid and sturdy- NO weakness in any of the pieces, NO wobbles, NO cracks. They are all strong enough for an average-sized person to sit on. The glass-top has no noticeable signs of use- there is a small area of roughness along the edge but this is very hard to see. The stitching on the footstools is all in excellent condition- the seams are not prising apart anywhere. The vinyl is in excellent condition. The stools are 60 years old so they will have a few minor signs of use but nothing that needs to be specifically mentioned. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Overall this vintage suite has been well looked-after and is ready to be used and displayed in the next place it will call home. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Table diameter- 85cm. Table height- 38cm.
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