This chair and footstool SOLD UNDER CONSIGNMENT by a private seller in RICHMOND, MELBOURNE (Sept 2020). The listing price (AU $1375) was for the chair AND matching footstool. If you’re interested in SELLING similar quality vintage chairs use the link below.


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This chair and footstool SOLD for $1375 (for BOTH pieces) during the second Melbourne lock-down (Sept. 2020). This suite SOLD in the FIRST WEEK it was listed in our NEWLY LISTED Category. Keep following our NEWLY LISTED Category so you don’t miss out again!

Love items like this in COGNAC leather. This leather-tone suits this design perfectly.

This chair and footstool is SOLD UNDER CONSIGNMENT by a private seller in RICHMOND, MELBOURNE.

Provenance and Background Info

(This description was primarily written in 2019 when I sold a different Module leather chair.)

This might well be the most comfortable chair to ever come out of Australia! If I needed another chair, I’d want it for myself. You just melt into this one. Chairs in this type of design tend to have little padding (they don’t need it because the angles and “give” are what create a really comfortable chair). The extra padding on this one makes it simply divine. It just seems to just hug you. And to have the matching footstool available makes this VINTAGE find all the more special (and rare).

I was told this piece was sold in Melbourne, Australia, in the mid-1970’s by Module Furniture. Most in this design have an upholstered armrest section- in dark colours it makes the design a little chunky for my liking (because of all the extra padding). This particular design is able to combine the extra comfort from the padding with the sleek minimalist flavour these 1970’s designs are famous for. The cognac leather is perfect for this chair- it’s warm, earthy and pares back the puffy look of the cushioning to ensure the minimalist style is not overpowered by the upholstery.

The comfort of this ensemble is obviously special but the durability is what really won me over. This design is now about 45 years old- look at it after all these years of use! No guessing the quality of the leather on this one! Yes- there are cheap shitty leathers on furniture all over the place these days- but this is (vintage) thick, FULL-GRAIN LEATHER- the best you can get and rarely used anymore except in high-end pieces worth a lot more than this. And your proof of the quality on offer here is in the condition of this piece after all these years of use.

The other thing this one has going for it is very SOLID investment appeal. They couldn’t make a chair of this quality for anywhere near this price these days but this is a 45-year-old piece (with strong design provenance too). At this price there’s no reason why it shouldn’t continue to increase in value in the future- if you look after it with some sense. This design is timeless, stylish and appeals to a wide cross-section of the market. The style is based on Sigurd Resell’s, famous Falcon chair (by Norwegian company, Vatne Mobler). Falcon chairs are currently fetching up to AU $2800 EACH without the footstool in some vintage Melbourne shops. This chair is just as good in my eyes but listed here at less than HALF the price of a Falcon. (It’s at least as rare as the Falcon chair too- actually to be honest it’s rarer!)

Like the Falcon chair, this chair also has a canvas sling that’s supported on a curved timber frame. The frame on this one is stronger than a Falcon chair as well (because it has a metal sub-structure). This vintage chair swivels as well which I think adds to the appeal of the design- Falcon chairs don’t swivel.

Buying quality vintage furniture is a great way to go. If an Australian company made these again today, you’d be set back about $3000 – $4000 (for the chair and footstool) but seeing first-hand how something has held up over the years verifies how smart your investment is (before you shell out a cent for it). I have no doubt this vintage Module chair will be passed onto future generations- a symbol that when something has been done well, it will live on. There’s no better way I can think of to invest in your home, reduce landfill and your carbon footprint.

This chair is in the same league as Artek, Anibou, Westnofa, Tessa, Parker, FLER and Danish Deluxe pieces.

1909 & 2008.4

Questions posed to our vendor with her answers. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Is there any damage to the timber-work such as chips in the veneer, deep noticeable scratches, bad / noticeable scuffs? If so please explain. No. Are there any cracks in the timber or splits between any of the timber layers? No. When you gently twist any timber piece does the timber prise apart at all? No. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Are there any creases in the leather that have formed noticeable cracks into the leather? Any holes in the leather? Any cracks that are so deep the leather is prising apart? Any noticeable damage to the leather I need to be aware of? No cracks. No damage of any significance. Some minor scuffs to the edges of the leather / corners of the chair; mostly visible from the underside only. This has resulted in very minor losses to the surface colour of the leather only. All very minor. This does show in some of the photos. To be expected of a chair that's had use. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Are both pieces structurally sturdy and solid with no cracks or separation in any joint, no wobbles in joints, no repairs, no movement where it shouldn't be? Both pieces are sturdy & solid. Any sagging in the seat or is the comfort exactly how it should be? No sagging. Excellent comfort. A couple of the buttons on the underside are loose but this is of no significance / doesn't affect the function of the chair at all. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SEAT. Across- 70cm. Depth- 64cm. Total Height- 103cm. Seat Height-49cm. (Front height- seat angles up at sides). Depth of Seating Section- 53cm. FOOTSTOOL. Height- 43cm. Length/Width - 49cm x 49cm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This chair is in excellent condition for its age. (Produced in the 1970’s.) The frame is solid, very sturdy with no structural damage at all. NO movement in any joint area, NO cracks in the timber (nothing of the sort). The timber has a few minor surface marks over the years but nothing at all that is noticed (as the photos show). There’s no cosmetic damage to the frame that stands out- just very minor signs of age and use as you’d expect of a chair that’s over 45 years old. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This leather is PREMIUM full-grade leather. Some modern “leathers” disintegrate in years. Not this. It’s THICK, soft and supple, in excellent condition with nothing specific worth reporting. The leather has NO holes, NO cracks into the leather, NO splits, NO significant wear, NO bad creases. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The swivel mechanism is in brilliant condition- the chair swivels freely and easily. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FOR FREIGHT- 0.57cbm. (The footstool will sit on top of the seat for freight.)
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