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The listing price is for one Rybo Rykken Norwegian chair. Being sold UNDER CONSIGNMENT by a regular iNVISeDGE seller in the GOLD COAST. If you’re interested in SELLING similar chairs contact us using the information on our Home Page.


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SORRY went ON HOLD in the first 3 hours this chair was listed. Just sorting out interstate freight for it now.

This Rybo Rykken chair is being SOLD UNDER CONSIGNMENT by a regular iNVISeDGE seller in the GOLD COAST, Queensland. This chair can be freighted Australia-wide. It’d cost about $160 to get this chair to Sydney.

This regular iNVISeDGE seller has created a 10/10 listing here- congratulations to this seller. Amazing job!

Provenance and Background Info

(This listing was written in 2021. Some information may be time sensitive.

A great example of a Kengu chair designed by Elsa and Nordahl Solhiem for Rybo Rykken of Norway and crafted by the Rykken family in the 1970’s.

There are several versions of this design. This version is certainly more rare than virtually all other versions. I cannot find a high-back one in this exact design currently for sale online worldwide.

The focus of this chair isn’t just the stunning design, it’s also about the quality and functionality…isn’t that what all good furniture should be about? The heel has a wood insert, a clever addition which no doubt adds strength and durability to the chair.

The frame is made of bent beechwood and the cushions are upholstered in soft chocolate-brown leather. The quality of this VINTAGE FULL-GRAIN leather is some of the best the world has ever seen (if not the best). As far as quality goes, this leather is in line with the famous Howe leather made in Australia in the 1970’s and 1980’s. This is a quality-made chair designed by Elsa and Nordahl Solhiem and crafted by the Rykken family. The quality of the construction here is also exceptional. Just look at the condition of it after about 50 years of use!

The comfort of the Kengu chair is also great. The angles are spot-on for comfort and the high-back means your full back and neck is also supported- most people’s full head also gets full support. Such a high back is not common- particularly in a chair that is as super-stylish as this. Normally a high back comes at the expense of looks- certainly not here!

Norwegian furniture has been strong for over 100 years; in fact Scandinavian furniture from the mid-century modern era is known as some of the best furniture ever made, famous for its clean lines and understated elegance. This chair is intriguing with its unusual mix of contrasts- the design is both restrained and minimalist but eye-catching at the same time. This is the work of a true creative genius- how do you get minimalist and stunning all at once? This design has that elusive magic all furniture designers are striving for but virtually none will ever achieve.

The Rykken family started making furniture in 1918. Their family business grew strong and continued into the 1950s, 60s and 70s, as Scandinavian furniture popularity grew around the world. The Rykken family were skilled craftsmen and had strong links with the producer and designer of the Westnofa Siesta chair (Vestlandske Mobelfabrikkand and Ingmar Reiling). You can see the similarity in the design of this chair (known as the “ Kengu” design).

The chair has the full original Rybo Rykken & Co Stamp underneath giving the piece very strong investment appeal.

When investing in vintage furniture you have the security of knowing the item has been built to last. Vintage items are not only a smart financial investment (good vintage design often increases in value over time), but it’s also the best investment you can make for the future of our planet. In this throw-away world, there are some things that remind us of how things should be. Timeless design and honest workmanship is our only way out of this mess. If you invest in this chair, look after it and decide to re-sell years later, please approach me as I’d be very happy to represent this iconic piece of design again.


The timber frame is strong and sturdy with NO movement in the frame, NO wobbles, NO cracks or splits in the timber, NO structural issues at all. There are a few scuff marks here and there which is to be expected but this 50-year-old chair presents extremely well overall. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The leather seat has very minor wear, mainly to one edge. This area has been clearly photographed from different angles (click on the Magnifying Tool, then click on the image to super-size the image). As shown in our photos, this minor wear is not noticed and doesn't affect the overall presentation of this special piece at all. It's a vintage chair and in my eyes this just adds character and charm. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The canvas has some signs of wear, but is very strong. I gave this seller 10/10 for these photos. His array of photos clearly shows us what you'll be getting. I see no reason why the canvas won't last another 45 years if you look after this chair. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________     Dimensions. Length- 65cm. Height- 100cm. Depth- 80cm.
Can be freighted interstate. See the listing for further details.
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