This sofa SOLD in the first 2 HOURS it was listed on this website- keep following our NEWLY LISTED Category. The listing price was for the two-seater sofa ONLY. Bargain for something so rare- this was priced to sell quickly! And did! This listing has also been uploaded for research purposes and to express interest in buying or selling a similar set of chairs. Use the links below.


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This sofa was priced to sell immediately! It SOLD for $540 in the first 2 HOURS it was listed on this website- keep following our NEWLY LISTED Category. The listing price was for the two-seater sofa ONLY. Bargain for something so RARE- it was priced to sell quickly!

We’ve since compiled a list of people who would buy one of these sofas if we were to find another. I’d price the exact same piece at around $700 if I was to find another (written in Feb, 2020). If the buyer of this piece wants to sell it she would make a profit even with our commission fee deducted. Get in contact with us if you have one of these you’d like to sell! 

Provenance and Background Information

(Written 2019)

A stunning 2-seater lounge sofa made in the style of the famous Russell Woodard designs created in America in the 1960’s. This VINTAGE Australian production is of the same era (1960’s) and also made from spun fibreglass which is thick and solid. The sofas in this design are RARE- this is the first one I’ve come across to buy (in 18 years of trading) so this is a reluctant sale. It was used to style an apartment that has just sold so it’s currently sitting in storage taking up space- it might be there for sometime (possibly years) so I’ve decided to offer it up. I’m hoping I won’t have a spot for it at my next apartment because the lounges are hard to get and I’d be then kicking myself I sold this!

This furniture is very strong and sturdy- I’ve never come across any with a structural problem- that’s extraordinary for something that goes out in full weather. I’ve had this sofa out in full weather for the last 3 years- full sun, rain and salt-spray coming off the ocean- and it was never cleaned in all this time. It came off the rooftop terrace and was set straight up for the closer-up photos used in this listing. It hasn’t even been hosed down! I’d say this sofa has spent most of the last 50 to 60 years out in full-weather as well (it’s definitely nearing 60 years old anyway)- I can’t see why it won’t last forever. I’ve been a huge fan of this vintage spun fibreglass furniture for 18 years but this is the first of it I’ve ever had to sell.

When I was set with the task of styling this beach-side apartment, spun fibreglass furniture for the outdoor areas was the obvious choice. In my opinion it’s the best outdoor furniture EVER made; it sits at the pinnacle, alongside Flexalum furniture. It’s super-DURABLE, it doesn’t collect water so will not discolour after rain, it’s resistant to the sun, salt-spray and also winds to a large extent- there’s a lot of negative space between fibreglass strands so the wind tends to pass straight through (the wide bases also add to the stability). Up against the wall (as shown in the photos) this sofa didn’t move an inch on the rooftop terrace even though several very bad storms came through the area over that time and it was completely exposed to gale-force winds coming off the ocean.

Apart from the incredible looks, the biggest tick is the comfort- the angles are spot-on, the strands are close together so you’re well supported and if you put a high-density seat-pad on the seat and a square cushion behind your back this is beautiful to relax on.

The other advantage with this is that it’s easy to move- it’s lightweight AND it will never get dented, scratched or broken in transit.

This furniture is in the original ivory colour. This is the colour of the actual fibreglass. Some people re-spray this furniture (sometimes in black and often in white). I think black doesn’t suit the design. And I don’t understand why people spray this in white either- vivid white is too brash for the design. The ivory colour (which is basically a more muted white) is perfect in my eyes. The beauty of the design is that it’s transparent- it’s not bold and won’t block off your space (it just adds a stunning touch to your area). Spraying it white means the design stands out more (it doesn’t need to)- the ivory allows it to blend into your space easier. You’ll see that the chairs on the balcony are not the same colour as any of the other furniture in this space but it works- ivory is neutral, white is not (it’s modern and clinical). Plus if you re-spray this furniture there will be upkeep- the white paint will eventually peel off.

This sofa is in fully original condition. If outdoor furniture can look like this after 60 years, the quality you’re buying is irrefutable. The matching chairs (PRICED SEPARATELY) came out of the same home and has an old “We make it great in the Sunshine State” logo. It reminds me of my childhood. I’m a 1970’s Brisbane kid and this logo was used extensively on items made in Queensland in the 1960’s. The best thing about investing in vintage spun fibreglass furniture is the inspiration it evokes- it ticks every box and provides a benchmark for modern companies to work towards. This sofa was built to last and will continue telling stories long after you and I are gone. There’s no better way to invest in your home and reduce landfill.

… And I almost forgot this sofa has very solid investment appeal. Spun fibreglass furniture sells for way over double (and triple) this price in the USA and the sofas in particular are very hard to get on a worldwide platform. (See the screenshot provided.) I believe this piece can only increase in value here in Australia in the future. (And since I wrote this description I would already price another one for significantly more than what this one sold for.)


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