This suite sold for $295 in 2003. These days in 2018 I’d price the exact same suite at around $600 to $650! If you have interest in buying or selling a similar suite get in contact with us below using the link.


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Provenance and Background Information

A Flexalum suite (c. early 1960’s) that I sold back in 2003- I loved Flexalum as soon as I started in this business. The background is a place I lived in back in 2003. I know this is when I first started this business because I soon found other places within the complex I was living in that provided a better photographic background. These days I’d sell the exact same thing for around $600 to $650 for 4 chairs AND the matching table. Sets of 4 chairs are not as a collectable and sought-after as a set of 6 or 8. Therefore a set of 6 or 8 is worth more per chair than 4.

I wrote about my love for Flexalum furniture in 2018 in another iNVISeDGE listing- go to- invisedge.com.au/product/6-flexalum-chairs-1950s/

and read about the advantages of investing in this great furniture. Flexalum is some of the best outdoor furniture to be made … EVER!


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