Still an UNKNOWN MAKER (in 2019). These sold in 2014 for $1595 for all 6 chairs. BARGAIN! Read the description below! Uploaded for research purposes and for people to express interest in buying OR SELLING a similar item. Click on the links below.


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These sold in 2014 for $1595 for all 6 chairs. As the description written in 2014 shows I had no idea of the maker back in 2014 and today in 2019 I still don’t. All I know is that they are probably the most incredible chairs I’ve seen. They were just amazing. I said in the description below I thought that to get them custom-made today it’d cost over $1200 per chair- but in all honesty I’d say it would have been a LOT more. The quality was exceptional. It looks like these have a rust finish but it’s not. I have no idea what the finish was but it had not chipped anywhere (after about 50 years of use) and there was no signs of any corrosion AT ALL after being in FULL weather for decades. Today in 2019 I have still not seen anything like them again- I’d price them at a decent bit more than this these days.

Provenance and Background Info (written in 2014).

A set of SIX (6) industrial OUTDOOR designer dining chairs I’d say from the 1960’s. They are hard to place. Part of me initially thought they were late 1940’s but I’d be more inclined now to put my money on late-1960’s. These are incredibly rare chairs and I’ve never seen anything remotely like them before (in 12 years of doing this). The construction quality is incredible. They are HEAVY solid chairs … no let’s get this straight …  they’re ridiculously heavy! I’d say each chair would weigh about 15 times more than a standard dining chair. You could easily use these outside. I doubt they’d ever blow over- even in a cyclone! The metal must be steel. These chairs are ridiculously high-quality and super strong. Throw these off a balcony and I reckon it’d be the concrete underneath that would crack- not these. This is investment furniture in every sense of the word.

I love the design. The design initially got me- it’s one of the best outdoor chair designs I’ve seen but the quality completely won me over. The curvaceous flow and shapes are stunning.

The design has been done meticulously- there are no visible weld joints and the finish is fascinating. If these were to get custom-made today, they’d be asking $1200 EACH (at least).

The comfort is amazing. The shapes, angles, proportions, height of the back are all great, creating chairs that boast superior comfort.

I want them myself! The best thing is they have an industrial look combined with a stunning (and original) designer edge- just incredible! And to think they were made 40-50 years ago!

I hate pricing these types of items- in a cool shop in a trendy location they’d have $750 EACH on them and I’d say they’d sell quickly. You just can’t buy items like this anywhere.

It appears as though the set has been used in full weather their whole life (or most of it). This gives you irrefutable proof of the quality you’d be getting. Investing in furniture that has already stood the test of time is a great way to go- if you ever need to sell these in the future approach me- it’s likely I’d value them at more than what you paid for them. Buying vintage is a great financial investment but also one of the best ways to reduce landfill and stop the waste of our earth’s resources. These chairs have already been used for a generation (but probably several) and are ready to do the job for more.

These chairs are in excellent condition overall. Structurally they are ALL rock-solid and sturdy. I’ve carefully checked every chair. There are NO cracks in any joint, NO movement, NO repairs, NO breaks, they are structurally brilliant. The surface condition is brilliant overall. I don’t know what the finish is- it’s amazing though. When I first saw the chairs I thought it was light surface rust all over but it’s not. Some sort of finish has been sprayed on in various layers. It is NOT a normal paint. It is the best finish I’ve seen. (I’m sorry I can’t be any more help here.) It is very hard and very resilient. It has some very feint surface scratches (that are not noticeable) but NO scratches that go through the finish anywhere (after 40+ years). __________ The same finish has been applied to the upright posts but with a different technique- again it’s not a normal paint. There is no damage to this finish either. __________ The vinyl on the seats … well it shows 40 or 50 years of use and being out in full weather. If these chairs will be used inside I think the vinyl looks cool. I love that it shows the history of the chairs. None of the seats are damaged but the vinyl is worn completely from age. To continue using these chairs OUTSIDE they will need to be re-upholstered (a small amount of marine-grade vinyl or outdoor fabric would be needed). I would also recommend putting a protective exterior paint or coating on the timber base underneath. The timber underneath is great- solid, strong on all chairs. No seats have any rotting or weakness. It’s probably hardwood and may have been treated at the time of manufacture. The timber underneath shows signs of age but nothing worth mentioning. The steel under the seat and the semi-circle on the floor has not been finished the same way as the rest of the chair (I’d say normal paint was used on these areas). These areas have minor surface rust- on the surface only! These areas out of sight may need a new paint-job with the right product if the chairs are to be used outside again. __________ This description may sound exhaustive- it’s best to be thorough and pedantic. The chairs have lasted 40-50 years with NO PROBLEMS AT ALL IN FULL WEATHER AND WITH NO INTERVENTION AT ALL and probably will continue lasting if you did nothing. __________ These chairs measure a total of 61.5cm across by 54cm back with a total height of 85cm. The seat height is about 45cm. The armrest height is 65cm. Read my 1100+ ebay feedback comments (ALL for vintage furniture and decorative arts SALES) to be assured that all my items are described as accurately as I can.
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