iNVISeDGE SOLD this kitchen cabinet way back in 2005 for $695. Today in 2019 we’d stock the exact same piece for around $1200. UPDATE 2021- today I’d stock this exact same cabinet in iNVISeDGE for around $1500.


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Background Info and Provenance

I sold this cabinet back in 2005. I sold it for $695 back then but around the $1200 mark is what I’d stock something like this for today (written in 2019). This type of piece may not be what people would consider “right” for iNVISeDGE and yes it’s outside of what we normally stock but it’s been built to last, has vintage character and the kitchen cabinets with the stained glass doors have edgy appeal- if you’re clever, this could be adapted in many spaces to give it a creative edgy slant. I do occasionally stock antiques with designer appeal and this piece is in that category- it’s more “retro” / mid-century than antique though. We don’t stock “nanna-type” antiques but something like this ticks the box for iNVISeDGE- TIMELESS good looks, design appeal, good honest construction and it’d look great in a lot of different spaces. There are very few better ways to invest in your home and reduce landfill. Keep following our NEWLY LISTED Category- I want to stock another these again when I find the right one!

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