Currently AVAILABLE for sale OR FOR HIRE! Enquire within. Price is negotiable. You’d have to be prepared to pay OVER $6600 for this piece- it’s irreplaceable. We are currently looking at getting some of our ONE-OFF pieces (such as this one) gallery represented. When this happens they will only be sale through a gallery. Don’t miss it while it’s still available online!


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Price is negotiable. You’d have to be prepared to pay OVER $6600 for this piece as it’s irreplaceable. We are currently looking at getting some of our ONE-OFF pieces (such as this) gallery-represented in either Brisbane or Melbourne. When this happens they will only be sold through the gallery. Don’t miss it while it’s still available here online!

Provenance and Background Info

(Written in 2018)

An exceptional sideboard HAND-CRAFTED in solid Tasmanian Mrytle by Marcus Gillespie. The auction centre I purchased this from in 2006 informed me this piece was made around 1970. When I acquired the piece, it was meant for immediate sale in iNVISeDGE because I didn’t have the money to hang onto it but I had several good sales at the time and it soon found its way into my own lounge room. Since then the piece has followed me round and resided happily in every house I’ve been in (about 8!) … but my current place is very small and no matter how hard I try it can’t fit anywhere. I’ve even considered knocking out half a wall to find a spot but eventually thought this was ridiculous so the piece is now in storage (and probably will be for years). Instead of seeing it gathering dust I’ve decided I could possibly bring myself to part with it.

I’ve tried researching Marcus Gillespie over the 15 years I’ve owned this piece but have found very little. This is a good thing in my eyes- there’s obviously so little of his stuff out there he flies under the radar but make no mistake it’s not because Gillespie lacks talent. You only need to glance at this piece to see that has cabinetry skills may well be second to none. I’d say Gillespie is a true artist and doesn’t want any attention so therefore his items are not “put out there”. More recently a small article on Gillespie appears if you Google his name with the word furniture as well. (Here’s the link … https://glasscentralcanberra.com/tag/marcus-gillespie/ ). This article centres around a custom-built cabinet he created in Canberra to turn the corridor between the Courtroom and Magistrate’s office into a separate room. I was told Gillespie lived in country NSW when I purchased this cabinet 15 years ago- he may live closer to Canberra these days. Gillespie obviously lays low and his work draws his clients to him. The Courtroom cabinet he created drew many gasps and OMG’s when it was unveiled but in all honesty they haven’t seen this cabinet yet! The Courtroom cabinet is special but I don’t think it does what this one does. I trawl furniture constantly (it’s my job to) and all the Danish cabinets I’ve seen (held up on pedestals at giddy heights) don’t compare with this piece. In my opinion Schulim Krimper pieces are in the same league as this and Krimper’s items can now raise $40,000 and more in auction.

I have a strong affinity for this design. The design represents infinity to me- The Infinite. A drop of water hits the pond and the water ripples out in concentric circles until they can be seen no more- but do the circles continue after the naked eye can no longer perceive them? Like Pi, concentric circles could be seen as going on infinitely. All circles never appear to have a definite beginning or end. This cabinet is not just awe-inspiring but it invokes a feeling that doesn’t escape anyone who’s ever seen it in person.

The cabinet is SOLID timber (NO “PARKER SIDEBOARD CRAPPY VENEER” HERE!) and has been EXPERTLY CRAFTED BY HAND so even with just a bit of care it should last forever. Items like this sideboard are the reason I do this job. They ignite inspiration in us all- they tick every box and prove that great design and careful workmanship lives on. This HAND-CREATED piece is bound to tell stories well after you and I have gone. There’s no better way to invest in your home and reduce landfill.


As the photos show, this sideboard is in excellent condition particularly for something that has been used for over 45 years. This item has no noticeable damage but if you want to really scrutinise it you will find minor signs of use such as indentation scratches in the surface finish only. (The timber underneath is in excellent condition.) The sideboard is in original condition and is about 45 years old. There are 3 minor indentation marks in the top, 3 one on the top drawer and one on the bottom drawer. There is nothing noticeable in the sides or the two cupboards. The finish is resilient and been done expertly. Marcus Gillespie Sideboard Measurements. Total Length- 156.5cm. Total Depth- 47.5cm. Height (highest point)- 101cm. Width of each drawer inside- 63cm. Depth inside each drawer- 32cm. Clearance height inside drawer- 12.5cm for the top. 17cm for the bottom. Internal Space inside each cupboard. Across inside cupboard- 35.5cm. Cupboard Depth- 38cm. Cupboard Height- 37.5cm. There is one shelf inside each cupboard which is easily adjustable. ***ALL CHECKED.*** FOR FREIGHT- . Read my 1200+ ebay feedback comments (ALL are for vintage furniture and decorative arts SALES) to be assured that all my items are in excellent condition and that I strive to describe all my items as accurately as I can.
This item is located near Narangba, North Brisbane ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ VIEWINGS . . . of furniture items will usually be possible (all furniture is in storage though). Send me a question and your phone number and/or email address if the photos and description don’t meet your needs. I can arrange an agent to go to the storage site if needed. Read my 1150+ ebay feedback comments (ALL for vintage furniture/decor SALES-100 or so are from repeat customers). I have had no negative feedback in over 15 years selling on ebay and this has been my full-time occupation. This is your guarantee that I work hard to describe my stock as accurately as possible and will not stock items I can’t personally recommend. Some items I acquire don’t end up in iNVISeDGE because they don’t make the grade. (I sell these under a different user-name on ebay.) I have had furniture items go all over the world (sight unseen) and do everything that’s reasonably possible to make my customers happy with their choice to support my business. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PICK-UP . . . is accepted- professional delivery is preferred. If the item is heavy you will require two strong people for pick-up. PLEASE NOTE- I live in Brisbane and run this business from Brisbane. PICK-UPS and VIEWINGS will be facilitated by a sub-contractor (someone who is NOT an employee of iNVISeDGE). I recommend that customers use a specialist furniture carrier for larger furniture items- these people know what they’re doing and come with what’s needed to look after your investment. I’ve seen too many customers try to force things in the back of 4WDs or put something in a trailer not protected. (If you’re hiring a trailer it makes no sense- the cost of professional delivery is comparable to hiring the trailer!) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We help customers with freight arrangements in every way we can BUT booking in transit (and paying for freight) is the responsibility of THE BUYER. I made a conscious choice to get rid of my vehicle in 2009 (for environmental reasons) so I have a depth of experience in the area of furniture freight. I will inform all iNVISeDGE customers of the transport carriers best suited to their job, what each carrier charges and their strengths. CUSTOMERS WILL BOOK IN THEIR OWN FREIGHT so they’re in control of what’s happening and will know exactly what’s going on. At any time though customers have the option to consult with us. Our experience in the area will ensure you’re looked after and the freight process will be seamless and easy. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A ROUGH IDEA OF FREIGHT PRICES by specialist professional FURNITURE carriers. . . LOCAL DELIVERIES tend to be ABOUT $70 to $100 for a ONE-MAN delivery (for ONE standard sized item eg. 3.5-seater sofa or a set of 6 dining chairs). If you live over 25km away from the item, delivery will be AROUND $120 but it depends on various factors such as access issues and when you can receive the item. Sydney is a little more expensive compared to Brisbane (as another example) . . . . . . . “Normal” INTERSTATE DELIVERY (eg. Brisbane to Sydney OR Melbourne to Sydney) is generally about $250 for ONE standard-sized item (eg. a 3.5-seater sofa or a set of 6 dining chairs but it can depend on various factors. Sometimes it will be cheaper- $250 is about the average. Smaller items are less than $250. If you have a really big sofa (as an example) it will usually be around $280. These prices are given so you have a rough idea of whether interstate delivery might be an option for you. If you are unsure about it all please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.
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