SOLD for $289 THE PAIR. This listing is for the PAIR of ARMCHAIRS only. The other pictured chairs have also SOLD! This listing has also been uploaded for research purposes and to express interest in buying or selling a similar set of chairs. Use the links below.


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SOLD for $289 THE PAIR. Price is for the PAIR of Flexalum armchairs ONLY. PAIRS of Flexalum armchairs are hard to get. The 6 normal chairs with matching cushions have also SOLD. These chairs NEVER corrode- read the description below. The armchairs SOLD from our North Brisbane depot in Morayfield.

This listing is for the 2 arm chairs only (suitable as dining chairs).

Provenance and Background Information

(This description was written in 2016. Some information below may be time-sensitive.)

This set of 2 Flexalum VINTAGE armchairs (made in Australia the late 1950’s) are thick cast aluminium so they’re strong and sturdy- I can’t see how they ever could have any structural problem. None of these chairs have any corrosion AT ALL which is extraordinary for something that has been out in full-weather. They’ve already lasted about 60 years and I can’t see why they won’t last forever. The PAIRS of armchairs are hard to get.

Because they’re thick aluminium, they’re easy to move around, won’t blow over in strong wind, won’t collect the rain and will NEVER CORRODE. The quality you’re getting is irrefutable- just look at them after about 60 years of use!

In my opinion, the comfort of these chairs is good. For better comfort you need some seat pads. I keep seat pads in an outdoor storage box for my Flexalum chairs and just bring them out when we’re sitting down for an extended period of time.

The best thing about investing in Flexalum furniture is the inspiration it evokes- Flexalum furniture ticks every box and provides a benchmark for modern companies to work towards. This suite was built to last (and already has!) and will tell more stories long after you and I are gone. There’s no better way to invest in your home and reduce landfill.

I sell vintage Flexalum chairs (c. early 1960’s, regular dining chair size / no arms) from $110 to $185 EACH depending on the condition of the white finish. The armchairs sell for $150 to $225 each depending on the condition of the finish. (Contact us to see what we currently have in stock and where the chairs are located.) I normally price a set of 6 chairs in the standard design with the white finish similar to this (with NO cushions) for around $900-$990 the set. The finish of these chairs isn’t perfect but is still extremely good overall. (See the close-up photos using the ZOOM-IN tool.) The finish of Flexalum chairs is COSMETIC only! Flexalum chairs NEVER rust, NEVER corrode even if the finish is completely flaking off- these are certainly not though. I personally like them just as much when the finish isn’t perfect- they’re vintage chairs and have a story to tell. Signs of use and age add character in my eyes but it’s a matter of taste I suppose. (THE FINISH DOES NOT AFFECT THE DURABILITY OF THESE CHAIRS AT ALL (EVEN IN FULL WEATHER)!


The original beige finish presents very well for chairs of this age. The chairs have a few scuffs and minor flakes to the beige finish here and there which could be touched up with exterior paint to protect the areas from peeling further. (Use the Zoom-In tool to closely inspect the condition of the beige finish.) You could go to Bunnings and get a small paint-pot mixed up to match this colour. Cover over each spot with paint using a small paintbrush, 3 or 4 times, allowing the touched-up areas to dry between coats. This however is a minor cosmetic issue only and is not needed because the aluminium won't corrode even in areas where the finish is missing.
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