This suite SOLD through iNVISeDGE in 2014 for just $1350! These days in 2018 I’d price it at a lot more- stunning and RARE! Since this listing appeared online we’ve had many enquiries from people wanting to buy it. If you have a similar suite to sell get in contact with us!


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Background Info and Provenance

(SOLD in 2014! Incredibly this full suite (ALL 7 PIECES, including the 2-side tables) took 8 months to sell back in 2014 for just $1350. I still can’t really believe that- it’s one of the best pieces of design I’ve had in 17 years of trading and worth HEAPS more. With no designer name, most people are reluctant to jump in but an interior designer nabbed this suite and on-sold it for a nice profit- thank goodness for the interior designers as I would have been out of business long ago!)

(Description written in 2014.)

A designer cane modular lounge from the early 1980’s (I think) that separates into 5 separate pieces. This is the only item I’ve seen remotely like this in the 13 years I’ve been in this business. It’s at the pinnacle of versatile design as it can be configured in a multitude of ways. (The photos show some of the possibilities.) The design is chic and modern in some ways but with an antique French slant as well. The boxy shape is unfussy, minimalist and what’s on the showroom floor of most furniture dealers at the moment but the handiwork within the box shapes offers an interesting contrast and adds “wow factor”. I love the arcs and movement created by the detailing. This modular would add a touch of glamour to many spaces- imagine this in the under-covered area of a chic modern apartment. The cane has a durable plastic coating on it- it would be fine to get light rain on it every now and then. (I personally wouldn’t use it out in full weather though.)

I tried to get more information on this suite but the person I bought it from inherited it in the 1980’s (and used it nearly 30 years). It would have been high-end in its day. The cushion-foam is of superior quality- one of the covers has a quality label on it with a registered number. These cushions are in incredible condition particularly considering the age- they’re beautifully soft creating a lounge you’ll just melt into after a big day. The handiwork is remarkable and the coating on the cane also very high in quality. It’s plastic-like and has protected the cane extremely well over the years. With the right choice of fabric on the cushions you’ll have a designer lounge at a fraction of what you’d pay anywhere else for anything remotely similar. Put this on various furniture showroom floors today and they’d be asking $6000 or more. (But it was made in the 1980’s so you’ll never see this again!)

You can’t buy lounges in 5 separate pieces like this anymore. This means you can move this modular easily on your own to create a completely different look in seconds. On top of this the suite has lasted 30 years- it has already stood up to a multitude of use incredibly well. Simply reupholster the 5 square seat cushions (a very basic job) and I’d buy 4 large soft cushions for the back- 2 in the corner and then 1 at each end. This means the handiwork on the back isn’t completely covered and it’s easy to just grab a cushion and put in behind your back whenever you sit down.

Durability, stunning looks, versatility and comfort– what more can you ask for? For me there’s one more thing- all my furniture at home is vintage because when you buy vintage you know the item has stood the test of time (with regards to both construction and design) and you have the satisfaction of knowing there’s no better way to invest in your home and reduce landfill. If you decide to invest in this lounge and need to sell it in the future approach me, I’d be more than happy to see it again.


This suite has SOLD!
This suite has SOLD!
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