We sold this sideboard for $1200 in 2006 in just 7 days. Read the description for this item. If you’d like to sell your work like this through iNVISeDGE please contact us. We are interested in supporting your work and your business and will give full credit to you- you will NOT become a faceless robot working for us! (As is the case on ebay!)


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Background Info and Provenance

(This piece sold through iNVISeDGE in 2006. I started the bidding at $895 and it got bid up to $1200 in 2006. These days I’d ask $1295+ for something like this. Just stunning and RARE!)

I salvaged this from a charity shop back in 2006. It had been marked down from $75 to $40- no-one wanted it. It had ugly frilly handles and the finish had become so dark the piece was dark orange all over- you couldn’t see the figuring in the timber at all. It had a big mirror attached to the back- it began it’s life as a dressing table. I left the mirror at the charity shop, stripped it completely back, hand-sanded it, changed the handles- I used authentic deco handles salvaged from a wrecked cabinet (that I also found at a different charity shop) and voila – this is what I got. Stunning! Goes to show that with a little imagination, some work and patience you can make some money with virtually NO OUTLAY at all. (Don’t get me wrong- you need the right temperament to see a project like this to the end but it’s items like this where the most money can be made.)

This was a SOLIDLY built, quality cabinet and the buyer got a great deal (even though I only paid $40 for it- cabinets as good as this don’t come up in charity shops often.). I’ve not come across many like this with the wavy front and the figuring in the timber at all- just amazing!

I sometimes see sellers trying to do similar things on ebay and Gumtree but unfortunately their work gets lost amongst all the crap on ebay and they end up selling their items for cheap and very soon they end up not doing it anymore. Unfortunately ebay breeds the type of buyer who want something for nothing and many are not interested in a FAIR transaction (they only care about what’s in it for themselves- not all ebay buyers are like this but the majority are. Ebay have set it up that way.) If you want a fair price for your items approach iNVISeDGE through this listing. We WILL NOT accept low prices for work like this. I would NOT sell a cabinet like this for anything less than $1300. Our commission fee is 15% and we work hard to support you and your work. We are interested in creating a FAIR marketplace where BOTH buyers AND SELLERS are respected and valued.

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