This piece sold for $395 back in 2014– read the description below because the quality of this design is not as good as other iNVISeDGE items. This listing has been uploaded for research purposes.


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Background Info and Provenance

(This sideboard sold for $395 back in 2014. I debated about whether I’d include this piece on my website. The quality is not what I’d class “investment furniture” but it was a tidy-looking piece so put it on anyway.  The veneer sides extended right down to the floor which is why I priced it at less than what most of these sideboards sell for. This meant you had to really look after it to prevent damage, particularly while moving it. These pieces with timber veneer over chipboard are not a strong investment because they can be easily damaged.  (I didn’t choose it specifically- it was part of a Danish dining suite package I wanted to stock.)

Description below was written in 2014.

A tidy teak sideboard from the 1960’s. This would be ideal as a TV stand. It’s as minimalist as they come- great if you have a small space and want to eliminate clutter. It would also work as a minimalist storage piece in the bedroom or office. It’s visually unobtrusive yet it still makes a nice statement. The book-matching of the veneer is what I like most about it. The reflection in the timber patterning across the front is a symbol of quality and rarely seen. It gives the piece a subtle point of interest but keeps in line with the restrained styling. I’d say this is a Danish piece. It came with the Johannes Andersen chairs I just listed and the matching dining table. The Andersen chairs are top of the line and Danish. A lighted hutch also came with this lot of furniture and the plugs on the back were Scandinavian.

Vintage sideboards in this style and price range are hard to find.


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