The green pair only remain. (The orange ones sold quickly.)

Priced at $780 for the PAIR of green stools (ie. $390 each). LOCATION- Brisbane Northside (Morayfield). This listing has also been uploaded for people wishing to express interest in buying OR SELLING a similar item through iNVISeDGE and for research purposes. SMS the phone number on our Home Page with a couple of photos of what you have to sell. We charge 5% – 18.5% commission for selling items like this on your behalf.


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The orange pair sold quickly for significantly more than this price. The green pair remain.

We’ve now had 4 enquiries for the pair of orange Chiswell stools. Someone has put a lot of pressure on me to list the orange ones today, so I’ve just added more photos to this listing for just the orange pair. The orange pair is in much better condition than the green ones. The timber has VERY LITTLE signs of use (nothing that’s noticeable) and the orange vinyl is in brilliant original condition. For stools that are 50 YEARS OLD, the condition of the orange pair is exceptional (both the timber AND upholstery). The orange pair has an ORIGINAL VINTAGE LABEL on BOTH chairs and BOTH chairs have a clear date stamp as well- 30 March 1971. They are now precisely 50 1/2 years old! This date stamp just solidifies the investment appeal on offer here- exceptionally RARE chairs and exceptional verification of both age and provenance. The green ones DON’T have any markings- NO Chiswell label and NO date stamp. As a result, the orange ones are more expensive. I’ve priced the orange pair at $995 the pair. NO iNVISeDGE price is ever negotiable. If you’re desperate to initiate a transaction please SMS me or call between the hours of 10am and 6pm work days or in the middle of the day on Saturdays.

LOCATION- Brisbane Northside (Morayfield) but these can be freighted Australia-wide by a specialist furniture carrier. Approx. $140 to get both these stools to Sydney. Approx. $160 to Melbourne.

The listed price is for the pair of GREEN stools only. The orange pair shown in the photos are PRICED SEPARATELY!

Background Info and Provenance

(This description was written in 2021. Some information may be time-sensitive eg. values.)

A stunning PAIR of Chiswell barstools- the frames are solid TEAK. This listing is for the green pair- we have an orange pair too, as shown in the photos (priced SEPARATELY). These are definitely one of the most beautiful barstool designs to ever come out of Australia. TH Brown & Sons stools are probably the only Australian design that would trump these but I like these just as much. This design is more minimalist and if you want something without a back these would be the better choice for you.

There’s an extraordinary amount of work that went into these. The inner corners are all curved and that edge is slanted as well- these design elements create a very stylish, elegant look. The overall style is quite boxy but the curves counteract the boxy-ness and also grab your attention. It’s not easy to create curves in solid timber, so designs of this standard are rarely seen these days. If this design was made today to this exact standard, the price would be around this even if the chairs were made in China (where they usually cut corners so your item ends up as landfill quicker). If the Chiswell factory fired up again in Australia and made these stools again to this exact standard, you’d be paying at least $700 PER STOOL. The investment appeal here is a no-brainer.

These chairs are comfortable, SUPER-STYLISH and incredibly durable. The orange pair are marked with the date- 30 March 1971. The date-stamp guarantees the durability and QUALITY of what’s on offer. These stools have been used for over 50 YEARS and look at them! To say they have been built to last a generation is a lie- they’ve already lasted several generations and are ready to be passed to another one. These stools have NO structural issues AT ALL (and are in brilliant condition). We simply gave them a 5-minute clean and now they’re ready to be loved for another 50 years (or more).

The late-1960’s was when Chiswell reached its peak- 1967-1968 was when they released their best designs (including this one). Their sideboards in this style are easier to find- this barstool design is incredibly RARE. After 20 years of trading, these are the only ones I’ve seen in the flesh. Hesitate and they’ll be gone (you’ll very likely never come across any others again). I believe the only way the value of these stools can go is up! (Like every other iNVISeDGE item I’ve sold over the last 20 years.) Add investment appeal to the list of advantages on offer here.

Why buy a set of modern stools that will lose value by about HALF the second you walk them out of the shop? Here, you are offered stools built IN AUSTRALIA about 50 years ago that should only increase in value over time. Plus, by supporting iNVISeDGE, you’re supporting an AUSSIE SMALL business that’s been battling in the background for 20 years. It’s a win for everybody. I can’t think of any better way to invest in your home and reduce landfill. (EVERY SINGLE item in my home is vintage or was purchased second-hand- except a couple of my electrical appliances- and every single item has increased in value whilst I’ve enjoyed using it in my home. Again excluding electrical appliances.)


This PAIR of stools are both in excellent condition. Neither has any structural damage and both are sturdy pieces that have been incredibly well-built. There are NO cracks in the timber, NO breaks, NO loose joints, NO wobbles, NO creaks or groans, NO repairs. These are vintage pieces (about 50 years old) so they show minor signs of use, however they look fantastic overall. The timber is stunning and shows only minor signs of use. The green vinyl is in very good condition overall with some minor damage only. (From a short distance away the original upholstery presents well but I imagine most people will want to re-upholster them anyway- re-upholstery of these would be cheap and easy!) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The condition of the ORANGE vinyl is exceptional for chairs that are over 50 years old. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements. THE GREEN PAIR ... Height- 72cm. Across- 42cm. Depth- 35.5cm. THE ORANGE PAIR ... Height- 74.5cm. Across- 41.5cm. Depth- 36cm. Each pair came out of a different home. (I've had the orange ones for a few years now.) Read my 1200+ ebay feedback comments (all for vintage sales) to be assured that I strive to describe all my items as accurately as I can and I won’t stock items unless they’re in a condition I’d have in my own home.
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