The PAIR with the backs SOLD in 2005 through iNVISeDGE for $555.78 for BOTH- ridiculously cheap! (READ THE DESCRIPTION BELOW!) This listing has been uploaded for people wishing to express interest in buying OR SELLING a similar item through iNVISeDGE and for research purposes. SMS us using the phone number on our Home Page. We charge 5% – 18.5% commission for selling items like this on your behalf.


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Background Info and Provenance

(Our pair of bar-stools with the backs got bid up on ebay to $555.78 back in 2005 FOR THE PAIR! (About $275 EACH.) These days in 2018 I value TH Brown barstools (with backs) at around $1550 THE PAIR– about triple what I sold them for in 2005. UPDATE- in 2021 I’d now price these at about $850 EACH.)

This description was written in 2018.

I remember this listing vividly even though it was 13 years ago now. The PAIR with backs got bid up to $555.78 for the PAIR and I was nervous before they got picked up because I thought the buyer had paid too much (… the naivety!). The buyer also paid to ship them down to Melbourne on top of the bid price which made it more nerve-wracking for me until he received them. I’m sure these days he has no ill-feelings about profiting $1000 just for buying a pair of bar-stools! (I grew up in the outer North suburbs of Brisbane and my only experience with furniture was Super AMart down at Lawnton!) I priced the pair without the backs sometime later (in 2006) at $579 the PAIR and that pair sold immediately too. Even the ones without the backs are worth around $1100 the PAIR these days (written in 2018).  They were worth a bit more back in 2006 too but I want my buyers to get solid investments.

This is an iconic design- it’s an AUSTRALIAN design but obviously based on the refined elegance of Danish furniture. This design is NOT a copy of an overseas design at the time but was in fact created in South Australia in the late-1950’s by TH Brown & Sons. All of the above pieces had the TH Brown gold label on them. This is such an iconic design and so highly sought-after TH BROWN has done re-issues recently to the exacting standards of the originals and they sell new for about $2200 the PAIR. This iNVISeDGE customer got an amazing investment. This story gives us incentive to invest in quality vintage design- if you buy smartly it will nearly always increase in value plus there’s no better way to reduce landfill. These pieces were built to last- look at the photographed stools after about 40 years of use! Thank you Th Brown & Sons for leaving us with such great furniture to keep on enjoying (and to inspire other crafts-people of today).

I have to add I’m disappointed with these photos- I’d love to get my hands back on a set like this again and photograph them after having had more experience doing it. The photos are okay but I would certainly do better these days.


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