SOLD in 2019 for $1840 within 3 days of being listed in invisedge.com.au! (The piece that sold for $1840 was in FULL ORIGINAL CONDITION and needed re-finishing (see the last 2 photos). It sold for $1840 in 2019 UNDER CONSIGNMENT in PHILLIP ISLAND, 140km FROM MELBOURNE. (The sideboard in the first 7 photos sold for $2200 back in 2007 within 7 days of being listed online.)


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SOLD in 2019 within 3 days of being listed in invisedge.com.au !!! Go to our NEWLY LISTED Category for new listings.

The sideboard in the first 7 photos sold in 7 days of being listed for $2200 back in 2007. The last 3 photos show the sideboard that sold in 2019 from PHILLIP ISLAND, South of MELBOURNE for $1840. THIS SIDEBOARD SOLD UNDER CONSIGNMENT FROM MY CLIENT’S HOME IN 3 DAYS. We operated as the seller’s agent and organised the full sale on the seller’s behalf. The sideboard that SOLD from Phillip Island presented well overall but would have benefited from full re-finishing. It also needed the veneer to be repaired in one area.

Background Info and Provenance

AN AUTHENTIC 1940’s Art Deco Sideboard in the rarer blonde timber veneer with 2 labels- Worane European Labour and the S1 Australian Furniture Makers Standards label used back then. I believe this could be Camphor Laurel but the piece (and timber) is so rare I can’t be certain. I’ve been in the business of finding quality furniture design (from all eras) for 18 years now and I still find myself saying “incredible” every time I come across photos of this piece. I’ve come across 2 of these sideboards to buy now, one which I sold 12 years ago for $2200 (it sold immediately) and then this one which came my way after advertising I’d be keen to sell another like it in iNVISeDGE (I got this one after 18 months of advertising!). Without these ads online, I doubt I would have ever come across this piece. To say this design is rare is an understatement- try finding another!

This piece hits the nail on the head in my eyes- it’s the epitome of art deco (nouveau) styling with all those curves and the breathtaking patterning in the timber. But I think it’s the lighter-coloured timber that really sets the piece off. Most deco furniture is Walnut (very dark)- in Walnut this piece would have looked cumbersome and awkward-looking … just way “too much”.

This piece not only showcases incredible styling but craftsmanship that’s just as incredible and of course the work of Mother Nature- the figuring in this timber is just as awe-inspiring. Most of the construction of this piece was done BY HAND- this type craftsmanship and attention to detail is rarely seen anymore.

A lot of great furniture came out of Australia from the 1930’s through to 1970’s but there are very few of these cabinets around. If it didn’t have the original deco label (verifying that it’s Australian) I’d think it was English, French (Nouveau) or even Scandinavian deco. When I sold my last one in 2007, someone emailed me to tell me it was called a “P & O cabinet” after the cruise ships at the time that had a similar shape.

This sideboard is very functional- great storage, heaps of space with its various compartments and the felt-lined cutlery drawer. And obviously really well-made, hand-constructed back in the days when pride was taken in craftsmanship. The label even proudly advertises that only European Labour was used. (Chinese “slave” labour was apparently used in Melbourne at the time this was constructed.) It was built in the 1940’s when Hitler came to power and many people were forced to flee Europe. Many Australian designs from this era (particularly those made in Melbourne) came from European designers, artists and makers. It’s a weird thought but without World War II Australian furniture design may not have gotten out of the Dark Ages (or not until decades later anyway). This piece has a distinctly European design and style and is a fascinating page out of the Australian furniture history book.

When a piece looks like this after over 80 years of use the QUALITY is irrefutable and if I say “incredible” out loud every time I see it (when I see so much incredible design every day) the design is timeless too. Investing in quality items from the past is a great way to bring the energy of true artisans and craftspeople into your home AND reduce landfill. Amongst the sea of cheap flat-packed furniture, this piece stands alone. And to top it off I can’t think of a better furniture investment you could make- this 80 year old piece has lost NO value over the years and in my opinion will definitely become more valuable in the future as work of this quality and esteem becomes harder and harder to get.


The sideboard currently available for sale is shown in the LAST 3 photos of this listing. As shown in these 3 photos the piece on offer is in ORIGINAL condition. It presents very well overall for an 80 year old cabinet but is unrestored so has various signs of use and age. On one edge near the top of the sideboard a small part of the veneer has chipped off (this can be seen in my client's photos). This is the main sign of damage of the piece but this can be fixed with patience and a little know-how. I have asked a long list of questions to my client pertaining to the condition of this piece and have now received back answers to all these questions in writing and have since seen 20 additional photos that show the sideboard all over. After seeing these 20 photos the sideboard is in the condition I expected. It has been used for 80 years and shows signs of use and age but it hasn't been abused. It presents fine as it is but restoration would improve the display of the piece and would certainly enhance your investment- this piece would be worth SIGNIFICANTLY more after restoration and the restoration job is pretty standard for a sideboard of this age. A detailed condition description can be given over the phone which is the easiest way to do it as I can answer any question you have on the spot and describe the piece in full detail. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements. Width- ​Including the feet on the floor- 186.5cm Height- ​Floor to counter-top 99cm and 108.5cm including the counter back Depth- ​44.5cm.
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