We sold this chest of drawers through iNVISeDGE for $620 in 2007. Today in 2019 if we got the exact same piece I’d price it at around $1295. Since this listing appeared online we’ve had various enquiries from people wanting to buy it. If you have a similar piece to sell get in contact with us!


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We sold this chest of drawers through iNVISeDGE for $620 in 2007. Today in 2019 if I got the exact same piece I’d price it at around $1295- it’s stunning, RARE and a top-quality piece!

Provenance and Background Info

(Written in 2007 when this piece was sold. I’d write it a lot differently these days- I didn’t comprehend how exceptional the piece was back then and why)

A great-sized chest of drawers with a stunning and extremely high-QUALITY AUTHENTIC art deco construction. I have only stocked ONE other art deco chest of drawers in this size in the five years I’ve been doing this as they are almost impossible to find… And what an incredible piece it is! Striking bold styling that’s not only unique but distinctly ART DECO- this one just oozes class. The workmanship is remarkable. It’s an incredibly well-designed and constructed piece with solid timber used throughout (no “Weetbix chipboard in this one!) and an amazing an eye for detail with the black trim borders. (This piece could have been constructed in the 1920’s because the drawers are solid oak, and the decorative trim is Kauri Pine, a timber that had largely run out around the 1910’s.) A great advantage of this piece is its handy dimensions (about 80cm across) so it has a very small footprint. This would make it a useful storage piece for any space in the house- could be stunning at the entry of a home. This is a “no-brainer” investment piece- colonial cedar chest of drawers are valued at about $2000 but they can easily be reproduced (and are). This art deco piece with its expert decorative work and rare walnut timber will never be reproduced in the near future (unless it’s accompanied by a price tag at least quadruple this!)- at $620 the value of this one can only increase. (Again written in 2007.) If cedar chest of drawers can fetch over $2000 now, art deco pieces of this calibre will as well and it won’t be long down the track. Why buy a chest of drawers when you can invest in a piece you’ll love that should only become more valued over time?

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