This desk sold through iNVISeDGE for $595 back in 2011. These days in 2018 if I got the exact same piece I’d price it about $895 – $929. This listing has been uploaded for research purposes and for people to express interest in buying or SELLING a similar item thru iNVISeDGE. Click on the links below. Commission fees for selling in iNVISeDGE are from 5% – 18.5%.


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This desk sold through iNVISeDGE for $595 back in 2011. These days in 2018 if I got the exact same desk I’d price it about $895 – $940. Desks in this design are quite hard to get and highly sought after.

Provenance and Background Information

(Written back in 2011.)

A stylish teak desk that arrived in Australia recently off a shipment from Denmark. This is a vintage Scandinavian piece (nearly certainly DANISH but definitely European). I’d place it in the early 1960’s. Its quality is on par or exceeds our much-respected Parker furniture from the early 1960’s. It shows construction quality beyond the majority of items I come across. This is a brilliant item for the modern home, particularly ideal in size- larger desks are a liability these days, this piece is not too big but still has plenty of handy storage. The desk can also be displayed in the middle of a room as it has been finished on both sides (this would make it great to use in a business). It would also look great as a hall table. I love the “cleanness” of the styling and the subtle design accents that add points of interest without being “attention-seeking”. The legs extend up on the outside of the piece making them a subtle design feature and the rounded edges add a classy touch. Because of its “cleanness”, this piece would be ideal in a small apartment where a desk needs to be in the living area or bedroom.

An (Australian) PARKER hall table/small desk I sold back in 2008 was bid up to $660 in an ebay auction. (The buyer was in Canberra and paid $800 all up including freight.) Desks in this Danish styling are rare in Australia- not many of the Australian makers at the time made them and the aforementioned Parker ones were produced in very small quantities- I’ve seen less than a handful of Parker desks in my 10 years in this business. There are also very few Danish desks in Australia as they have a long way to get here (!). The listing price of this desk represents an astute investment and also gives Sydney and Melbourne buyers reason to bid. When I recently took a break from iNVISeDGE I went back over my item photos from 2001 onwards- 99.8% of the thousands of furniture pieces I’ve sold are worth the same or more than I sold them for years back. (There are many I’d sell for double or triple what I sold them for years ago.) On top of the financial appeal, by valuing what we already have we are helping to preserve our world for future generations. This is the true satisfaction of investing in vintage items.



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