This piece sold through iNVISeDGE for $1295 back in 2005! Today (April, 2019) I’d price the exact same piece at significantly more. Definitely over $2400. Get in contact with us if you have interest in buying OR SELLING a similar item.


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This piece sold through iNVISeDGE for $1295 back in 2005! This iNVISeDGE buyer got an outstanding investment. This cabinet is SOLID TIMBER (no crappy Parker timber veneer here!) with a beautiful fluid style. Today (April, 2019) I’d price the exact same piece at significantly more. Certainly more than $2400.

This description is not the best- it was written back in 2005. 

One of the best pieces I’ve ever stocked, this exceptional 1950’s sideboard was created by Edward Hill of Sydney in the 1950’s. Featuring as stunning base with splayed legs and plenty of curves, this vintage piece is a real gem. It was through some interesting detective work (!) that I ascertained this piece was done by Edward Hill of Sydney. There’s a small section of his maker’s mark on one drawer just enough to be certain it’s by this highly-regarded furniture maker. All of Edward Hill’s work reflects amazing design qualities and outstanding craftsmanship (much of which was done BY HAND)- this piece is up there with the best sideboards I’ve seen.

This piece fulfils all 5 criteria I aim to meet when stocking items-

  • modern practicality (it has great storage and a very practical size, perfect for any interior, even as a TV cabinet)
  • a stunning but timeless look
  • investment appeal (this piece shouldn’t lose any value in the future)
  • durability and honest construction (built completely from SOLID TIMBER)
  • unique character

It’s very hard to get all five met but this piece ticks every box. Pieces from the 1950’s have solid investment appeal- with their unique character and solid construction they’re always sought after by people wanting to add a creative spark to their homes. Edward Hill’s work in particular is one to watch in the future. He ran a very small boutique business so his pieces were not mass-produced. They’re rarely stumbled across but the second you see one of his pieces it always stands out.

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