SOLD for $290 for all 3 chests. Retail value AT LEAST DOUBLE- they’re in excellent used condition. SOLD in Sept 2020 from our Brisbane depot in Morayfield.


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SOLD during the 2nd COVID-19 lockdown- late September 2020- $290 for all 3 boxes.

These THREE storage boxes SOLD FOR $95 EACH- there were 3 SEPARATE boxes (SOLD for $290 for all 3). Retail value is WELL OVER DOUBLE- they’re in excellent used condition. These are for sale from our Brisbane depot in Morayfield but can be transported Australia-wide for a reasonable additional fee (about $160 for freight to Sydney). Sorry SOLD!

Provenance and Background Info

I’ve had these Oriental storage boxes longer than any other furniture item I’ve owned (over 20 years). I bought them second-hand so they’re now about 30 years old). These are different to most iNVISeDGE items but I’m happy to have them in my store. They’ve serviced me very well and I’m looking for someone else who’ll love them as much as I enjoyed having them- they’re a VERY practical storage solution! They’re the equivalent to a good-sized chest of drawers but so much MORE practical! When it came to moving house I never had to re-pack them. I simply secured the front panels and carried them out to my car completely FULL. They fit in ANY car so moving house is a breeze. When I first got to Sydney I was living in share-houses, this purchase proved to be a very smart investment. I had roof racks for my car and just bedroom stuff when I first got there (I only knew one person when I got to Sydney!). I could move house on my own very easily and painlessly- I put my bed and mattress on the roof-racks so I never had to hire a removalist or specialised vehicle. This “chest of drawers” separated so they have always fitted inside my car!

These saved me in moving costs and even though I soon started the iNVISeDGE business I found myself ALWAYS finding the perfect spot for them. (They hold a LOT of stuff in them too!) I’m now on the road a lot for work so have opted NOT to buy a home at the moment- these are in my storage unit at Morayfield and they’ll be there for years so it’s time for them to find a new home.

I come across a lot of amazing furniture in this job- you might be surprised to hear that this is a very reluctant sale. They’re the most practical storage device I’ve ever had and I also like the style. They have rustic, antique character- the front decoration on the fronts has been HAND-carved. They have strong handles too so you can move them on your own WITHOUT having to unpack them first. They also look good in any type of space. I had a pair of vintage bedside tables in teak after awhile and these matched in well. They’re earthy and have nice design flair and the quality is surprisingly good. These are most likely Chinese-made but they’re well-made. I’ve moved house with them about 20 times (interstate twice)- I’ve never unpacked them and they’ve held up for me very well. (At times some of these had very heavy items in them too.) They’re still structurally perfect- sturdy and ready to service the next person.

After laminate and chipboard storage pieces from Fantastic Furniture have ended up as landfill (is it really that FANTASTIC???) these 30-year-old storage chests will be passed onto yet another owner. With sensible use I see no reason why they won’t last another 30 years … at least! When you invest in quality second-hand furniture there’s no better way to invest in your home and reduce your carbon footprint!


These boxes are about 30 years old so they show signs of use. All 3 are structurally solid and sturdy with no structural issues. They have various minor dents and scratches but nothing that spoils the presentation of the suite. The signs of use add to the rustic charm and character. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 78cm long X 51.5cm deep. The height of one box varies slightly as these were hand-made. One is 28cm high and the other two measure 33.5cm in height.
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